Open Door Coffeehouse, Inc.

hosted by

The Welcome Table Christian Church

4600 Highwood Drive

Arlington, Texas 76017


About Us

Since beginning in the fall of 1997, we have held 10 or 11 concerts each year. (We usually don’t have concerts in June and July.) Each concert has a featured charity, but we try to divide the donations from each season equally among the recipients.

We support charities such as The Salvation Army, Arlington Charities, Arlington Life Shelter, Safe Haven, Arlington Urban Ministries, and Mission Arlington. We also seek to support some smaller local groups who focus on meeting specific felt needs in the community.

Our concerts offer a variety of acoustic music in a comfortable family friendly atmosphere. Refreshments include coffees, teas, soft drinks and delicious desserts.

The Open Door Band

The open door Band was formed along about 1998 by a few of the Open Door Coffeehouse volunteers.

The band usually plays a full show once a year at The Open Door. They also play for various charity events, worship services and revivals. They have even been called upon to provide music for the odd wedding or funeral. Sticking strictly to one style of acoustic music, eclectic, band members have often said “if the audience has half as much fun as we do, they’re sure to have a good time.”






Open Door Sunday School